June 24, 2012

Another Month, Another Update

We've got another simple one this time around. Links here and here.

General Changes:
-More typos fixed, a few things made to sound clearer, certain sample Gears were still illegal after recent changes. 
Character Creation:
-Clarification on how purchasing items works, plus you can now buy up to 10 PP of them per Arc. 
Mecha Construction:
-Clarified that Mental Link gives a singular Action for all of your Remotes.
-Slight buff to Challenger, the Penetration bonus works in all situations.
-More clarifications for Transform, again, yes.
-Added a Range 0¨for Duel-able Weapons, see Playing the Game.
-The Conditions Chain Reaction and Power Down were buffed to work off the Damage Result. All-Out Attack stats lowered in response.
-Extending Punch is no longer a Technique and is more of a reliable long range melee attack now.
-Modified Radiant Fist to be a better finisher move, its Penetration now scales with Tension.
-Buffed Vulcans with +2 Range.
-Ground Zero buffed with modifiable range to better represent its concept.
-Incinerator is now Reliable.
Playing the Game:
-Range 0 is now part of the rules as written. It still works just like it did before, invading another person's Zone makes it easier to hurt you but lets you shoot past them, and weapons that can be used in Duels now have the Range 0 distinction. 
Running the Show:
-Nothing! For once.

My favorites of the bunch are the modifications to Radiant Fist and the Conditions Chain Reaction and Power Down. Now they really hurt, and All-Out Attack can actually represent its original "You are already dead" concept. Radiant Fist deserves special mention, because I think that damage scaling with Tension makes for awesome finisher moves, even if it makes the combat math go bonkers, so I am testing it out by making it part of just this one Weapon and only with Penetration for the time being.


  1. Hi,

    Does the ability "Assist" stack? For example, do two mecha or more can assist the another one, stacking theirs assist bonus? In this case, the another one will get bonus from 3-4 assists which is huge number.

  2. Yes, they stack! That is why the bonus granted from each assistant is halved (unless they have Expert Enabler) the obvious disadvantage to this is that only one person will have a truly devastating attack, the rest will be mediocre.

    In general abilities that rely on teamplay are quite powerful. Because power of friendship.

  3. Were the -1 to the Accuracy and the Pen of Incinerator intended?

  4. Looks like I forgot to document the changes to incinerator, sorry about that. But yes, it was.

  5. Hello,

    How does the Narrator choose what areas to maim, does he roll d4 or he chooses himself because it seems really unfair that the Narrator knows what to hit and the players don't?

  6. The method is up to the individual GM's discretion (though I could have a sidebar on the subject now that I think about it...) though of the options available the one I prefer is to equalize this knowledge by including or hinting to enemy upgrades in their descriptions them so that the PCs know what they should be watching out for.

    It is important to note that while from an adversarial perspective yes, they do have an unfair advantage, the GM is not an enemy but another player trying to help create a story. After all, if they were to maximize efficiency against the PCs, they would engineer an unwinnable situation instead of providing a balanced encounter against them.


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