December 26, 2011

It Begins

I figure that, for my first blog entry, I should post the thing that got me to open up a blog on the first place. So here it is, Giant Guardian Generation, a cheesy Mecha game that is not remotely related in any way whatsoever to Super Robot Wars. 

Like, for serious!


The .rar contains the manual, a quick rules reference separate pdf, and the necessary character sheets.

What you will find in GGG:
-A streamlined Mecha system that is easily adapted to any kind of game.
-Mechanics that emphasize the narrative and incentivize both good sportsmanship and character immersion.
-Balanced Gameplay that can be as simple or as complex as the group wants it to be.
-Rules that allow any kind of PC to be just as good a pilot as everyone else, no matter how feeble or wimpy.
-A setting with three possible game modes, evocative of classic and modern Mecha with their own distinctive style.

What you will NOT find in GGG:
-Mecha customization extensive on the numbers akin to an engineering simulator.
-Gameplay that prioritizes narrative control over all other mechanics.
-Necessary referencing of tables and charts during gameplay.
-A system for standalone one-shot action adventures.
-A miniatures-based combat system.

I firmly believe more RPGs should be honest enough to tell you that you might not like them from the get go.