December 26, 2011

It Begins

I figure that, for my first blog entry, I should post the thing that got me to open up a blog on the first place. So here it is, Giant Guardian Generation, a cheesy Mecha game that is not remotely related in any way whatsoever to Super Robot Wars. 

Like, for serious!


The .rar contains the manual, a quick rules reference separate pdf, and the necessary character sheets.

What you will find in GGG:
-A streamlined Mecha system that is easily adapted to any kind of game.
-Mechanics that emphasize the narrative and incentivize both good sportsmanship and character immersion.
-Balanced Gameplay that can be as simple or as complex as the group wants it to be.
-Rules that allow any kind of PC to be just as good a pilot as everyone else, no matter how feeble or wimpy.
-A setting with three possible game modes, evocative of classic and modern Mecha with their own distinctive style.

What you will NOT find in GGG:
-Mecha customization extensive on the numbers akin to an engineering simulator.
-Gameplay that prioritizes narrative control over all other mechanics.
-Necessary referencing of tables and charts during gameplay.
-A system for standalone one-shot action adventures.
-A miniatures-based combat system.

I firmly believe more RPGs should be honest enough to tell you that you might not like them from the get go.


  1. How do you handle threshholds with the transformation upgrade?

    it says you can change chassis, which i suppose makes sense if you want to have a mobile mode and armored mode complete with different armor/evasion...
    buuut, do you keep track of two thresholds? use the threshold/energy of the base chasis across all forms? recalculate by percentage at each transformation? the latter being the fairest but most tedious...

  2. Use the lowest of the two current energy/threshold values, though you can heal it past the limit of the other forms, at least until you transform back.

  3. Do the Enhancements for Upgrades take slots? For example, if you take the Limiter Release Special Mode, and you take its 5 UP Enhancement to halve the damage it does, does it fill 5 Core slots or 10?

  4. Not at all! Only the original Upgrade uses up space, enhancements never require any.


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