May 20, 2012

May I have an Update please?

I don't really have much to say so I'll let the list of changes speak for itself. Here are the links at the usual hosts:

General Changes:
-Added a comprehensive Index to the back.
-Improved image quality maintaining low file size.
-Fixed yet another batch of generic errors like typoes, wrong fonts, etc.
 Character Creation:
-Buffed Data Analyst to let you ask up to three questions while also giving you a +1 to Tension.
-Buffed Show some Mercy to let you use it multiple times at no cost while also giving you a +1 to Tension.
-Buffed Patience of a Saint to give you a Point every time you are targeted.
-Buffed With Extreme Prejudice to last three Rounds.
Mecha Construction:
-Clarified the wording on Gravagne Field, again.
-Nerfed Resupply to give back 1d5 instead of 1d10.
-Nerfed Special Modes so they can now only be activated once per Operation.
-Clarified some of the wording on Transform, again as well.
-Buffed Frames to be enhanced by default, enhancing them now lets you switch to another Frame mid-combat.
Playing the Game:
-Buffed the Disrupt Intermission Action to deal half the rolled damage in addition to its normal effect.
-Clarified that Engage uses the Enemy's position instead of your own to shift both of you in any direction.
-Streamlined Defensive Terrain to always protect from enemies at any distance, and double the number rolled when performing a Maneuver instead of giving an Advantage.
-Added a note to the Terrain sidebar suggesting 3d movement underwater and in space gives the side benefits of Anti-Gravity.
Running the Show:
-Fixed the old wording on Beam Reflector still referencing Derived Mechanics.

Simple one this month, no annoying large changes in red text even! I think we're getting closer to having fixed everything that does not require a major overhaul.

Now there are things that I would like to improve, but they are going to require changes of the "PCs have to be rebuilt" variety, and I loathe to do that to people with any sort of regular frequency, much less a monthly one. Hell, I cannot even guarantee the changes would be strictly better, since GGG is obviously very much a work in progress.

For this reason further updates will come in two parallel versions of the game. One without much fanfare (like this) that continues to polish what already exists and another version marked as Beta, with experimental modifications that require one or more major rules to be modified. Beta updates will be more sporadic, but would also include oft-requested goodies that I don't quite feel comfortable adding to the other version - I do not want to risk a bloat of options. Once things are proven to work in the Beta version, they will eventually be canonized all at once.

But what kind of things would I be changing? Well, here's a short list of priorities on my to-do list:

1) A Weapon Generator. One that is not broken beyond relief and does not make the entire point of weapon types obsolete.
2) Improving the way Genre Points link Intermissions and Operations. I want to encourage spending points to use powers instead of hoarding them up for a rainy day.
3) Reduction of combat math and streamlining mixed acc+pen rolls. Ideally this would not take away from the crunchiness, only do away with some of the inherent slowdowns it causes.

There's more, but that's a good place to start. In the following weeks I will be bringing up said major overhauls and my train of thought as I put work in them, while also discussing the things I do not want to change. You can rest easy knowing the core tenets at the front of the book won't be going anywhere anytime soon, and that the main challenge I will be facing is making things simpler and more elegant without losing depth.

The next few months should be interesting.


  1. I'm wondering why Resupply got nerfed like it did, I hadn't seen any issues with it up till now.

  2. Both Resupply and Limiter Release can get a tad abusive with energy-based defenses (Trick Dodge and Barrier, mostly), I did not think anything was wrong either until recently.

    In theory it should still be useful when you really need some extra Energy (every point matters much more than they used to) to get folks out of a jam without being worthless.

    To be frank I am not entirely satisfied with how much the average has decreased, though, so of all the changes up there it is the top contender for potentially being rolled back.

  3. Um hi, massive fan of your game and I'm running two campaigns at the same time right now, but I do need some clarification on remote weapons, none of my players are using it.... yet.

    So yeah my question is, in the situation I'm not using a Wagner Gear with Mental Link, and I want to use my action to control my remote weapon, do I control all of them(If I have multiple on the field) or only just 1 of them?

    Also same for Wagner Gears with Mental Link, can I use the free action to control all of them or only just 1?

  4. The extra Action granted by Mental Link is like Security Escort's, meaning that you get one extra Action to use up with any of all of your Remotes, not an individual Action for each of them.

    By the same token, without Mental Link, you can move one of your Remotes around with your Action, but not more.

    Rereading, I can see how it would be unclear, I will clarify this issue in the next fix.


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