April 15, 2012

Now Printing

Edit: There was a major error in the version linked in the original post and some minor ones. If you have version 1.2 please get version 1.21 from the link below.

Here is that one thing I promised months ago: a GGG you can print out and actually use. This required a lot of changes, mainly because the new page size means reformatting everything, but it also came with yet more improvements to the system in general. There is some new content, and I also took the chance to explain better a few things I felt were not too clear before, but the funniest thing is that even with that the book is only 204 pages long.

Well, I guess it would be funny if you're the kind of person who laughs at anything. Imagine a punchline about genitalia or airline food here. Point is, nothing too big has been changed, an update from 1.1 to 1.2 should not require you to rebuild your character, and only a few choice upgrades/weapons had their costs modified in the first place.


With no further ado, here is the changelog:

General Changes:
     -Multiple layout and redacting improvements throughout the entire book.
     -Actually printable and usable in the flesh.
    -Removed Derived Statistics as they caused more confusion rather than dispelling it. The typos did not help either.
Character Creation:
    -Disarm Buffed to last the rest of the Operation now.
    -Certain Coordinator Powers referring to Derived Mechanics reworded and rebalanced.
Mecha Construction:
    -Buffed Learning Computer, Mass Produced, Hidden Power and Internal G-Field.
    -Buffed Mental Link and updated it to the new version of Remote Weapons.
    -Nerfed Security Escort.
    -Buffed Sharpshooter and lowered the enhancement costs of all Exceptional Aptitudes.
    -Buffed Trick Dodges and updated after the removal of Derived Mechanics.
    -Buffed Gravagne Field.
    -Terrain Adaptability upgrades revamped and more or less boosted.
    -Buffed Potential Upgrades once again.
    -Rebalanced Transform, it now can only go into the Core but you may now have different Upgrades in the Torsos of your various Transformation Modes. Issues regarding the functionality of Costs and Maiming were clarified.
    -Remote Weapons modified, buffed considerably.
    -Conditions buffed by fixing a typo.
    -Gallant Kick made a Cost 6 finisher.
    -Heavy Machinegun made a Cost 6 repeatable use weapon.
    -Slight buff to Incinerator.
    -The use of Giga Blaster has been clarified.
    -Buffed Disturbance Cloud and Reaction Weapon.
Playing the Game:
    -You can now spend 1 Energy to move forward once with any non-Offensive Action, not just Boost.
     -Moved Terrain Rules to Playing the Game, Defensive Terrain buffed.
Running the Show:
    -Modified several Aberrant Options, and added a load of new ones.

Only one change important enough to be in red this time? Why yes. It wasn't that huge an update, though I think GGG is now shaping up to be a lot closer to its intended final form. Inevitably, things will need to be balanced further but we are getting there.

But who knows, maybe I'll end up revamping it and making a whole new edition in the future, instead of quick system updates.


  1. I am enjoying all the versions of GGG, but did have a few suggestions regarding the balance of some of the weapons, mainly the melee weapons. I like the way the special abilities of the weapons are, so no changes recommended. Just some ideas for Accuracy and Penetration

    Extending Punch- I think this is a bit too powerful. It's the same cost as Rocket Punch and just a bit more expensive than a Beam Saber, but the Accuracy and Penetration are better than both. The Energy cost does balance it, but using it as a range 1-2 weapon it's better than a Beam Saber. I'd recommend keeping Accuracy at +4 and lowering Penetration to +2.

    Rocket Punch- For being a Super Robot stable, it seems a bit weak (especially compared to the Extending Punch). I'd consider making it a balanced weapon with Accuracy +3 and Penetration +3.

    Radiant Punch- It's a great weapon, but seems too powerful. I liked it as a balanced weapon (from the first version of GGG) with Accuracy +5 and Penetration +5. After all, the Darkness, Shining, and God Fingers were not the greatest attack of their respective Gundams.

    Great Weapon- This one is way too weak. At Penetration +4, Beam Sabers and Extending Punchs are a cheaper and just as effective weapon, and the current Radiant Fist is 1 point more expensive and hits harder for the same Energy cost (heck, you'd have to use 4 EP to make it Reliable, which the Radiant Fist is at 3 EP). You expect Great Weapons like Sanger's Collossal Blade or Mazinkaiser's giant Sword to be mighty weapons. I'd lower it's Accuracy to +2 and increase Penetration to +6. You could up it's cost from 4 to 5 to rationale it's buff.

    Also, there isn't really a good option for a weak "eye blaster" weapon that's also a super robot stable. I threw together some stats, but if you have a better idea, I'd love to hear it.

    "Light Blaster": Cost 1, Range 1-3, Accuracy +2, Penetration +1, Special: Beam.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Warning: Tons of words ahead. This response turned out so ridiculously long it might have been better off as a post of its own, but I'm not sure if it is worth it to make a bunch of posts about this kind of thing.

    To my regret, at some point trying to make the Half A Dozen Different Ways to Punch a Dude distinct from each other got a bit forced, so it is very likely they will continue to undergo changes. For the time being, they seem to be doing fine, so I'll try to explain my rationale behind the things you pointed out.

    Extending Punch: Take note that it is a Technique, so it cannot be used as often as the other Pen 4 melee weapons. Both Rocket Punch and Beam Saber are low cost weapons you can resort to if you need a strong-ish close range attack in a pinch -or- can function as a main weapon on their own, but Extending Punch is better left as a finisher or as a weapon you use while moving closer to the foe.

    Rocket Punch: 4/2 is just sliiiiiiightly better as an all-around weapon than 3/3 despite how counter-intuitive that might sound. It will hit more often, but deal less damage half of the time (remember that the half rollover from accuracy is rounded up), in addition to that it also serves a role as the only repeatable high accuracy melee weapon with an energy cost lower than 2.

    Radiant Fist: Now this one was only changed to give it a bit more personality, I'll admit. My logic goes that, even if ultimately they weren't the strongest moves the mecha had access to by the end, they were their strongest moves for most of the time, and in the same way there's other weapons out there stronger than it - just not many (To borrow your G Gundam Example, you could compare the Sekiha Tenkyoken with the Giga Blaster).

    Great Weapon: It can seem weak at first glance but most of the high end weapons carry some kind of major disadvantage to them, Great Weapon only suffers from limited range and a cost of 2 energy. Its numbers aren't spectacular as-is, but if you want to boost them up it becomes fearsome after gaining Reliable -and- you can continue using it afterwards. This way it covers both niches for everyday large non-sword weapons (Beam Scythe, Beam Naginata) and traditional super robot finishers (V-Slash, Colossal Blade).

    As for the low cost beam type weapon idea, I've been tinkering with adding at least one weapon to each category (including cheap beam and missile options) but for various reasons it isn't working as well I would like it to. I want them in, though, so it is only a matter of time.

    And your suggestion is very close to the one that almost made it, so if you want a cheap pew pew to play with now, that one passes the houserules litmus test as far as I'm concerned.

  3. No worries about the ton of words- I understand you.

    Extending Punch- I get what you mean by the Technique. The only extending punch "finisher" for anime examples I can think of is the Aquarion. However, the Master Gundam and Aestevelis use their Extending Punches as just an alternative to Rocket Punches and it's less effective, so Extending Punch would seem more like a trick move than an actual Finisher, which is why I think the damage from Penetration should not be as high.

    Rocket Punch- Again, I can see how it is slightly better as a reliable hitter, but again, as a staple Super Robot attack, I'd like it to also be a reliable damager (instead of the implied damage bonus from getting a high Accuracy roll).

    Radiant Fist- I was the one who came up with the El-Gear and Ba'l-Gear (Not-God and Not-Master) using Giga Blasters as Sekiha Tenkyoken (I love Giga Blasters), so I'm not disagreeing that there are bigger weapons/techniques than Radiant Fist. I still think it matches the idea of philosophy of those Gundams by making it a balanced +5/+5 weapon. None of the current melee weapons have Penetration +5, so as a +5/+5 Radiant Fist still remains one of the best melee weapons.

    Great Weapon- While I can see how using Great Weapon as alternates than a Beam Saber (your example of Beam Scythe or Beam Naginata), I'd argue those would just be re-skinned Beam Sabers. As an equivelent of Colossal Blades or other over the top finisher weapons, it seems lacking. Well, I suppose I could just reskin the current Radiant Fist, though...

    Lastly, any chance of creating a compendium of expy-robots? I'd love a sourcebook with 50 or so robots. I've already done the God and Master Gundams, Shin Mazinger and (a version of) Mazinkaiser, and am mostly done with a Physalis. I might tackle the Endless Waltz Gundams next.

  4. As previously mentioned, I hold no fantasies that the mentioned weapons have been perfected yet, so they will continue to be polished as the need to do so arises. I really can't make a call as to what will happen to them yet.

    As for the compendium idea, I actually have an extensive backlog of example mecha I made to bend and break the rules, as well as simply to try and represent some of the most iconic mecha out there. I do not want to 'canonize' them, though, as I'd much rather leave it to people to imagine how they could be made and to try and figure out wacky combos for themselves.

    1. Now you're just taunting Me.. I'd love to see those example mecha.

    2. They would need a lot of updating given how much has changed since I made them during the alpha of october-november 2011. They are also missing fluff descriptions, I guess. Bottom line, I'd rather spend my time improving the system as a whole than on that.

      If it is any consolation, at least I won't be stealing you the fun of making them yourself.


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